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Texas boy, 14, graduates from college with associate degree

Sept. 28 (UPI) -- A teen student is being celebrated by a Texas community college after obtaining his associate degree at only 14 years old.

Ian Taylor Schlitz started to take classes at Tarrant County College's northeast campus in North Richland Hills at age 12 ,and the school announced he now has obtained his two-year degree.

Taylor Schlitz said he drew inspiration from one very special classmate -- his sister, Haley Taylor Schlitz, 16, who obtained her associate degree from the college and a bachelor's degree from Texas Woman's University.

The elder sibling now is the youngest-ever student to attend Southern Methodist University's law school.

"I learned a lot from watching Haley with her own education," Ian Taylor Schlitz said. "When I started to take classes at TCC, Haley would help me organize my schedule at the start of the semester. She showed me how to manage my time."

The younger Taylor Schlitz, who is the founder and CEO of his own company, Kidlamity Gaming, said he is pursuing his bachelor's degree and deciding whether to pursue a master of business administration degree or attend medical school.

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